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In our fast-paced world of manufacturing, successful companies must be focused on producing quality products while simultaneously reducing costs. Simply Products  accomplishes this while providing a full spectrum of aluminum services including extruding, fabricating, machining, assembly, painting, anodizing, and warehousing. With our diverse customer base and experience in providing extrusions to the solar, signage, lighting, electronics, automotive, information technology, telecommunications, construction, furniture, sporting equipment and trucking industries our team of experienced professionals and in-house manufacturing experts will provide you with the quality you need and the products you expect from a world class sales team. Simply Products possesses knowledge of the most advanced aluminum extruding capabilities and processes. Our fully integrated approach provides our customers with precision engineered products, lower production and handling costs, and just-in-time delivery when using blanket orders and stocking programs. We possess a relentless drive to innovate and succeed and our mission is to successfully meet and exceed the levels of production and customer service expected in today's competitive environment.

  • minimum wall thicknesses .018 ( shape specific )
  • weight per ft range from .04 # to 10 # per ft
  • superior tongue ratios ( 20:1 )
  • close tolerance
  • prototype and small production runs
  • rapidly develop and introduce new products
  • large range of circle sizes to 15"
  • advanced die design methods for exotic shapes
  • solid, hollow and semi-hollow extrusions
  • wide alloy selection ( 6000 series, 2000 series, and 7000 series )
  • finishes ( anodizing, electrostatic wet and powder coating , plating )
  • turn-key part or product manufacturing

Simply¬†Products is a one-stop aluminum extrusion supply management offering sole-sourcing for a wide range of extruded aluminum products. Our representatives and engineers work with customers to establish the best profile and materials for their application from initial concept to full production and supported by a variety of stocking and delivery programs.

We offer a tremendous variety of value-added fabricating , machining, and finishing techniques that will enhance your product's appearance and maximize point-of-sale and market appeal.

At Simply¬†Products  we offer solutions...not excuses.
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